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Paradise Beach Accommodation
Paradise Beach Accommodation
Paradise Beach Accommodation

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Paradise Beach is a coastal town in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, just east of the Garden Route. It is considered the best surfing spot in South Africa and of course is one of the popular destinations, even if it is no longer part of the Garden Route.

If you leave the last section of the Garden Route, the Tsitsikamma National Park, and drive along the N2 to the east, then after just under an hour and a half you reach the surfers’ paradise. Originally it was a sleepy fishing village, but when in winter three-meter-high waves roll smoothly, then the heart of the surfers cheers and there is high season.

Distances and travel time from Paradise Beach
Cape Town – 682 km – about 7.25 hours (west)
Tsitsikamma National Park – 104 km – about 1.5 hours (west)
Port Elizabeth – 77.5 km – about 50 minutes (to the east)

Paradise Beach Accommodation

The settlement manages to attract international surfers from everywhere, because off the coast of Paradise Beach is a surf spot with a long, fast, breaking wave and that’s what makes this beach one of the best surfing paradises in the world. Or you dive completely with the Dive Charter & Scuba Diving School and take a look under the sea surface. Aston Bay also offers kayaking, kite surfing and jumping. And who knows, maybe you’re lucky and swim, dive, paddle or surf next to dolphins.

Anyone who does not think so much about surfing on the water can still try on the board in Paradise Beach on a dune. On the big sand hills you can really try sand boarding. And those who do not want to know anything about boarding are advised to swing on the back of a horse and go for a ride. You can make beautiful rides along the beach here. So, get in the stirrups and go!

Are you fascinated by the depths of the ocean and are you interested in his creatures? Grab your loved ones and check out one of the largest collections of sea shells at Jeffrey’s Bay Shell Museum. By the way, there is also, who would have thought, a surf museum in the city.

And if you want to see some ocean creatures like whales in action in nature, the nature reserves of Kabeljous Nature Reserve, north of the city, and Seekoei River Nature Reserve, a bit to the south, may be for you. With a bit of luck, you will discover whales there and the practicalities are there in the vicinity of Jeffrey’s Bay. Kabeljous Nature Reserve is a 250 ha paradise for hikers with three to seven kilometres of trails. And if you’re a bird lover, do not miss the African Dawn Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary 20 minutes north of Paradise Beach. Have a picnic and admire 300 different species of birds.

Paradise Beach Accommodation

Snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, canoeing, everything under the South African skies on the shores of the wide sea is a very special, unique experience. Not to mention the myriad of clothes shops, in addition to the omnipresent surfing gear but also all other imaginable styles can be found. In the hot air balloon, you can see this beautiful world from a bird’s eye view.

Very good here are the conditions for watching whales and dolphins. There are several hundred different species of mussels on the coastal areas of Aston Bay. You can also see them in the Shell Museum. And in the free time at night on the beach in the fantastic sunset ride.

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