All of the beauty and magnificently exotic charm of South Africa is exceeded by the magical coastal regions. The highlight of these sunny shores is Paradise Beach. Of course, this is not new for active water sports enthusiasts, especially surfers. She has long been drawn to the waves at Jeffrey’s Bay. Anyone who does not engage in surfing, let alone do it themselves, has yet heard of the “perfect wave”, or searching for it. And right here, in Jeffrey’s Bay, you can have the outrageous luck of “riding” on the perfect wave. An experience that a die-hard surfer will never forget his life. What’s more, it will always pull him to Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach Budget Accommodation
Paradise Beach Budget Accommodation
Paradise Beach Budget Accommodation

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Just like many surfers, because here is one of the ten best surfing spots in the world. The waves, which are up to three meters high, are eight hundred meters wide, before they wash over the Sunny Beach right-breaking. Such perfect waves are mainly reached in June to August, when this coastal region is criss-crossed by low-pressure areas, as an unmistakable sign of the South African winter (about 25 degrees Celsius). Anyone who has ranks and names in surfing sports, as well as VIPs, will then head to Jeffreys Bay to be an active participant or spectator at the Billabong Pro Surfing Festival.

With 20,000 inhabitants more of a small town, Jeffreys Bay turns especially in July, because then the Billabong Pro Championship, and in August not only the surfer’s paradise par excellence, but is a single party mile. Live bands, pubs, pubs, restaurants, bars, the selection is huge and everyone can enjoy themselves on the beach of the Indian Ocean. Once upon a time, Jeffrey’s Bay was a sleepy coastal nest until first surfers discovered the supertubes. Since then, the development has progressed at a breathtaking pace. Of course, other water sports enthusiasts, swimmers and sun seekers will find their paradise in St Francis Bay today.

Paradise Beach Budget Accommodation

On the beach at Jeffreys Bay, or J-Bay, as the place in the surfing scene is called, hundreds of onlookers watch the show every day, which is offered to them out on the sea. Whether the waves or the surfers who ride them is the real fascination remains unclear. After all, the perfection with which the swells wind at exactly this beach up to 500 meters around the promontory is definitely worth the five-hour journey from Cape Town.

Jeffreys Bay was founded in 1849. The name is derived from J.A. Jeffreys, a whaler who ran a store here. The city is located in the Eastern Cape province west of Port Elizabeth on the scenic Garden Route. The nature here is almost untouched. Dolphins swim in the bay, and from time to time humpback whales emerge. In the vicinity there are the nature reserves Kabeljous Nature Reserve and Seekoei River Nature Reserve. Originally a sleepy fishing village, the 20,000-inhabitant town has become a popular tourist destination – especially for surfers.

The largest surfing contest on the African continent, the Billabong Pro J-Bay, which is taking place for the 24th time this year, has contributed significantly to this. From the 9th to the 19th of July, the 45 best surfers of ASP Worldtour (WT) will compete for prize money and World Championship points.

As a favorite Australian Joel Parkinson, who won the event for the first time in 1999 and now ten years later hopes to find the right rhythm on the wave, to continue the ambitions of his first world title to underpin. In addition to Parkinson’s US Superstar Kelly Slater is one of the circle of contenders for the trophy. Within the waiting period, three competition days are necessary to determine the winner. The organizers have enough time to wait for the best conditions in the bay of Jeffreys Bay to guarantee the spectacular surf action that the masses expect.

Paradise Beach Budget Accommodation

Jeffrey’s Bay, or JBay for short, is a welcoming, fast-growing Indian Ocean city with beautiful beaches and temperate climes. In the old days, JBay was a sleepy surfer haunt.

JBay is a world-renowned and popular surfing area. Optimal surfing conditions exist between May and August, when South African winter gravure systems provide the ideal swell with long, high waves. Every year, therefore, international surf competitions take place at this time.

Wonderful windsurfing and bird watching can be enjoyed at Aston Bay, the Seekoei and Noorsekloof nature reserves, and jumping dolphins can be seen all along the coast to Cape St Francis

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